Solar Photovoltaic (“PV”) Project Development Program

If you are considering a solar electric system for your commercial or industrial business Pasteris Energy can assist in the evaluation, development and installation process.

A Solar PV system allows you to produce electricity without noise or air pollution from a clean renewable resource, the sun. Adding a solar PV system to your business takes advantage of government-sponsored incentives and improves the value of your business. A solar PV system reduces your energy costs, improves efficiency, reduces reliance on foreign oil, reduces pollution and green house gas emissions and creates a strong positive image towards the community.

Pasteris Energy can assist you with the evaluation of a solar PV system to determine the optimum sizing of the system, the state and federal incentives which reduce the capital cost, the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (“SRECs’) which offer an addition project revenue stream, short term accelerated depreciation which increases the return on investment and calculating the amount of free electricity generated.

If raising capital is a concern for your business a solar PV system can be installed at no capital cost to the site host by entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) with a third party. The third party will develop, construct own and operate the system. At the end of the PPA term, usually fifteen years, the system is turned over to your business to gain the full benefits of free electricity production. With proper maintenance your system will produce free power for 25 years.

Currently Pasteris Energy is assisting a major New Jersey hospital in developing a 2,500 kW ground mounted Solar PV system. Also Pasteris Energy is assisting the Toms River Regional Schools with the further development of Solar PV systems on their remaining ten school buildings. Solar PV systems have already been installed on seven school buildings.

PHOTO: Solar Panels

View of solar panels installed on the Toms River High School North
Photo Courtesy of Toms River Regional School

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