Power Plant Performance Modeling Services

Pasteris Energy, Inc. owns a full license to GE Enter Software GateCycle including GE technical support. The GateCycle program is a PC based software application that performs detailed steady-state design and off-design heat and material balances of simple cycle, combined cycle, coal and bio-mass power plants or cogeneration plants.

Pasteris Energy can perform a large variety of analyses, such as:

  • Analyzing the overall heat and material balances of a power plant. The analysis produces information on the operating performance of the power plant and the steam system.
  • Simulating the performance, heat rate and capacity of the power plant at “off-design”, “turn-down” or “peak” operating conditions.
  • Checking and confirming claims made by venders about the performance of the power plant, steam system or individual energy components or equipment within the steam system.
  • Predicting the capacity, heat rate and economic impact of proposed operating changes or capital enhancements to the existing cogeneration plant, manufacturing process units or the manufacturing plant steam system.

CycleLink is a powerful utility based inside Microsoft Excel that allows the user full access to data within the GateCycle model. CycleLink is used for running case studies of the power plant model. Data input on the CycleLink spreadsheet is written to GateCycle, GateCycle runs, and the new output is brought into the same spreadsheet. Any input or output from this spreadsheet can be used within the same spreadsheet for further detailed technical, commercial and financial evaluations including system flow diagrams.

In addition CycleLink can also automatically obtain, on a continuous basis, real time input parameters from the power plant DCS and/or PI System to run GateCycle on a regular basis. This permits the plant operators and plant management staffs to compare real time power plant output, heat rate, efficiency and fuel consumption against that predicted by the model.

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