Electricity Buyers Program

The deregulation of electricity presents an unprecedented opportunity for many consumers to save money. When a state deregulates its electricity market, the electricity supply component is separated from the transmission, distribution, servicing, and administration of electricity. This opens up a state market to competition for the sale of electricity.
Electric deregulation in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine and California offer your business the opportunity to seek the best combination of price, terms and conditions, and reliability from competing electricity suppliers. To realize these benefits, market knowledge and timing are essential. The ability to negotiate favorable contract terms and conditions is critical. Pasteris Energy, Inc. provides the knowledge and technical skills necessary to navigate complex energy markets.

The Process:

As your independent energy consultant, Pasteris Energy, Inc. will always represent your business not the supplier. We will: 

  • Analyze your electric accounts and existing supplier contracts.
  • Solicit offers from qualified electricity suppliers. Work to obtain the best rate, contract terms and conditions.
  • Handle all paperwork, and manage the transition to the new supplier.
  • Oversee your electricity accounts moving forward for optimum performance.
  • Monitor the market for new opportunities and continue its due diligence of suppliers.

There are no upfront expenditures, hourly fees, or retainers for your business. Pasteris Energy, Inc. is compensated only when it demonstrates and delivers savings to your business. Historical savings have ranged from 5 to 15 %.

Start the process by contacting;

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